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Kentucky / Calvert City Health Clubs

The following listings are health clubs in the state of Kentucky and city of Calvert City. Click the health clubs listing to get more details. If you find any details that are incorrect please let us know and or if you have an additional listing you'd like to submit.

Baptist Family Fitness
1665 Oak Park Boulevard
Calvert City, KY 42029
(270) 395-5329

Tips: To maintain a healthy living it is esstential to get enough excerise. Experts say you should get 30min or more exercise atleast 3 times a week. Most people overweight can shed pounds by eating right, sleeping right and exercising right. Most people fail because they can't stick with it or aren't doing those three things "right". Calvert City dept of health might have more information for you to read and checkout for local advice.

Living in Calvert City mean you are part of a community and should be a healthy part of that community. Joining a gym for working out is a great way to improve your fitness and ultimately your health. Don't invest in an intense workout plan without consultanting your local doctor.

Most private gyms are the most expensive. Like balleys, curves and gofit. Most of the best deals are with local Calvert City athletic clubs. We are not responsible for any information on this site. Please train at your own risk. Many gyms offer trainers that can guide you through equipment and techniques.